Optical Network Terminal

Product Name: Optical Network Terminal
Category: Telecom Products
Sub Category: (Titli ONT)
Product Brief:

(Butterfly ONT) subsystem is the access node in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) of FTTD (Fiber to the Desktop) architecture of GPON. This palm sized, sleek, compact and portable ONT, not only provides triple play services at customer premises but is also designed to fulfill BPO’s data bandwidth thirst. Each Titli Damak require a single it supports
Two Gigabit Ethernet ports, Two VoIP ports and one USB port. .


• Compliant with ITU_TG. 984.x
• Low cost, powder efficient
• Compact, sleek and user friendly
• Secure Data distribution equipment at Consumer’s table
• Provide access to Voice, Videos and Data
• Uses class B+BOSA
• G.988 OMCI model compliant
• Ethernet Bridge with L2 classification engine
• Up to 1023 MAC address support
• Compliant to IEEE802.IQ BBFTR-156
• Up to 64 VLAN support
• Operates with +12DC supply as well as with 220VAC AC supply
• Work in non AC environment
• Approx. Power consumption< 15w


• High speed internet access
• Transparent LAN services
• Triple Play Service (Voice, Video Data)
• IP telephony (VolP)
• BPOs consumers
• On Line Gaming
• Mobile charging through USB port

Interfaces Specifications
Optical Transmission ITU-T G.984
Line rate 2.488 Gbps D/S, 1.244Gbps U/S
Fiber SMF
Connector SC/APC
Wavelength 1490nm D/S, 1310nm U/S
Distance Upto 20 Km (depend on splitting)
Link Budget 28dB (Class B+)
LAN Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base T
Connector RJ-45
Ports 2
Voice Services POTS
Connector RJ-11
Ports 2
Power Supply +12 VDC
Power Consumption ~15W
Dimension Card Size 100 x 70 x 1.6 mm
Box Size 108 x 76 x 31 mm


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